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MacQuarrie Heraldry
There are as many different coats of arms for Clan MacQuarrie as there are tartans. These, too, are often the point of debate. We will include every and all arms found either online or from reference books on this page, and will include Jon's unofficial arms he uses in his Medieval Reenactment (and probably get into hot water with the College of Heralds for posting.....)
Left: The "official" arms of General Lachlan MacQuarrie, 16th and last Chief to Clan MacQuarrie. To view the "Extract of Matriculation of the Arms of Lachlan Macquarie" click
Note the alteration of the crest.
Left: Taken from Nathan's page, this is the generally accepted charge for the Clan.
Right: This is familiar, isn't it! Scanned from Robert Bain's "Clans and Tartans of Scotland" and coloured in by Jon, the official crest of the Clan. Right: The arms used by Jon (Sir Iain MacGuadhre of Ulva, Duke of Windemere) in medieval reenacment. Notice the crest was kept the same, as was the quartering of the field. He chose the single tower for simplicity and to empahsize the strength of the Clan.