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MacQuarrie Tartans
There are many conflicting theories on the different and existance of MacQuarrie Tartans. To date, I have found eight possible Clan tartans. The background for these pages is probably the most recognizable with the stripes being in black or green with a red background. However, since it is one of the simpler tartans, I took it upon myself to make it in grey tones, as that is probably pretty close to what the normal everyday MacQuarrie would wear. That, and is is easier to find font colours to put over it...
Source: Smibert, 1850 Source: Smith Pl. 51 1850
Source: Cockburn Collection 1810-15 Source: MacGregor-Haiste Collection 1930-50
Source: Grant No. 51 1886 Source: Highland Society Collection c. 1815
Source: MacGregor-Haiste Collection 1930-50 Source: Logan 1831

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