Welcome to the UNOFFICIAL website for:
Clan MacQuarrie
Crest Badge: Out of an antique crown a bent arm in armour holding a dagger.
Motto: Turris Fortis Mihi Deus
War Cry: An T'Arm Breac Dearg (The red tartaned army)
Pipe Music: The Red Tartaned Army
Plant Badge: Pine
Origin of Name: Gaelic son of Guaire (proud or noble)
Gaelic Name: MacGuadhre

Why a Website?
There are many sites out there already with tons of Clan MacQuarrie information, a link of some I have found will be at the bottom. Hopefully this page will spawn an OFFICIAL society, and maybe even we will find our Clan Chieftain.

For the time being, this site will stand as a monument for all generations of MacQuarries (and all our sept Clans) past, present and future. Contributions (and I don't mean monetary ones... yet... *S*) are welcomed, desired and necessary for the survival of this page. I would like to add the following to this page:

I am still playing with the appearance of the page,and any and all suggestions are welcomed. Thanks for stopping in... check back often as more will be added on regular intervals.

(signed) Jon "Iain" MacQuarrie

Contact Information I'm usually pretty hard to get ahold of, but these are pretty much surefire ways:

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